Little Yellow Breakfast Tray

This image was found on and its an image of a little yellow breakfast tray with a variety of breakfast options on it.

What is Creative Commons? According to the Wikimedia Foundation video I watched, “Creative Commons is a set of licenses that enable lawful collaboration to do things like copy, remix and share” other peoples works/ properties. Once something is made by someone (a photo or document for example) its automatically protected by Copy Rights. If you have Creative Commons Licenses, its free to use as long as you properly site and follow any rules that author listed.

What is Universal Design? Products and environments should be designed to be usable by all people. Accessible to all whether or not they have a disability or impairment (permanent, temporary or situational). Legally, as a content creator, I have obligations to make my content accessible. Ethically, I have responsibilities as well.

Citation for Photo:

Kilgast, S. Yellow Breakfast Tray.

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